AmLegion-Auxiliary-EmblemOfficers Of the Auxiliary

Auxiliary President: Stacy Soto
Vice President: Stacy Riebold
2nd Vice President: Betsy Schumacher
Treasurer: Gail Reed
Secretary: Linda Hewatt
Chaplain: Cristina Sipos
Historian: Melissa Leasher


Sue Leasher
Mary Pesta
Joann House

How to Join

Q: I am related to someone who served on active duty during one of the membership eligibility dates. Can I join the Auxiliary of The American Legion?
A: If your relative served on active duty during one of the membership eligibility dates and is a member of The American Legion, you may join the American Legion Auxiliary of The American Legion.

However, if the qualifying veteran is deceased you may join the appropriate organization, even if the qualifying veteran was not a member of The American Legion when living.

Contact your local American Legion Auxiliary Unit, complete the application and proudly join the AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY.

Click on for for online details.

Welcome American Legion Auxiliary members. We now have a working news letter. Beginning August 1, 2015 the newsletter will be posted every month. We will have all activities posted for the month.

The Auxiliary meet on the second Wednesday of the month for E-committee.  We then have our regular meeting on the third Wednesday of month. Everyone is welcome to attend.  If you have a special question or activity you would like to share, feel free to attend  meetings or talk to our President. Our meetings begin at 7pm.

The year of  2015 to 2016 begin in July to June 30 , 2015 to 2016. Our meeting of the E-comittee will be August 12.  We will then begin to organize our goals.  Then, at our regular meeting on August 19, 2015.

Join your Auxiliary members and  you will understand what we do and stand for.




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